Medical assistant students

Medical Assisting Students

Why Become a Medical Assistant?

Before signing up for a vocational training program it is a good idea to do some self-assessment. When we asked a number of medical assistants in our medical assistant forum what it was that attracted them to the medical assisting career, they pointed out that they like the relatively short training time compared to nursing (and other highly technical medical professions) and that they wanted to build a  meaningful career in a field where they can make a difference in their community. READ MORE

online or classroom training

Online vs. Traditional Training

Many vocational training institutions now offer Internet based medical assistant distance education programs  where all, or most (hybrid courses) of the required course work is read and submitted online; typically such courses cover biology, medical computer applications, word processing, computer sciences, economics, English composition, pharmacology, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology,  which all falls into the medical assisting field. READ MORE

certificate of completion

Diploma Mills and Fake Programs

Worthless Medical Assistant Certificate, Diploma and Degree

Many might not know that marketing fake diplomas, certificates and degrees has become a billion dollar industry—at least 800 million a year in the U.S. alone—so big is this market that it simply blows the mind. Nowadays, almost anybody can receive college level and advanced degrees with almost zero effort. READ MORE