Can Medical Assistants Work in Hospitals?

The answer is yes! And they are filling many positions. According to the American Hospital Association 5,687 hospitals registered in the United States. Many of these hospitals also operate urban and rural ambulatory outpatient care walk-in centers and ambulatory urgent care clinics where physicians and their medical assistant staff provide health and medical care to their community.

medical assistant in hospital

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 13 percent of medical assistants in the USA work in public and private hospitals, including inpatient and outpatient facilities. Others work in such facilities as outpatient care and nursing and residential care centers.

Unlike nurses, medical assistants DO NOT perform beside care, health assessments, or independent patient triage.

They typically handle medical office clerical and administrative routines, provide patient education, administer medications and assist in health and medical procedures and after care under the direct supervision of the attending physician and licensed medical staff.


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