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Worthless Medical Assistant Certificate, Diploma and Degree

Many might not know that marketing fake diplomas, certificates and degrees has become a billion dollar industry—at least 800 million a year in the U.S. alone—so big is this market that it simply blows the mind. Nowadays, almost anybody can receive college level and advanced degrees with almost zero effort.

Consumer protection agencies and educational web sites warn people to use caution when it comes to formerly little known schools and distance education programs. Doctors, clergymen, police officers, teachers, federal employees, including White House staffers, National Security Agency employees, FBI agents and Senior State Department officials have purchased bogus degrees to seek employment, promotions, higher positions and better pay. Even medical assistants have been taken advantage of gray area medical assistant programs offered online without any special pre-enrollment conditions, qualification screenings, or passing grade standards… for just a few hundred dollars. Cool? Not so.

A medical assistant school graduate shared the following with us:

I’m a real go getter and everyone in my class was really hurt when we found out we were not getting certified… I feel like our school might be “black balled” and it’s hurting the good students. We did hear some companies say they would not use our school’s grads any longer because of the way they performed, appearance, lack of knowledge and that was with all the programs, not just the medical ones.  ~  by TSS, MA Student

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and ABC News, each year hundreds become victims of unrecognized diploma programs and online education scams offering certificates and diplomas that are not fulfilling their promise. Any aspiring medical assistant must be well informed and research different forms of formal and non-formal on-the-job medical assistant training programs and then decide for themselves which one will lead to the desired work experience, credentials and degrees they seek.

Some web sites claim to provide vocational training with nationally accredited endorsement for their certified medical assistant program, however, just because it is advertised as such it doesn’t necessarily mean the program is accredited by one of the reputable national accreditors of healthcare schools, such as CAAHEP and ABHES, or the Department of Education.

Anyone can set up a so-called medical assistant self study program and create a self-proclaimed accreditation committee and so, make the claim their course is a certified medical assistant online program among the best—that doesn’t always mean it is true, nor does it guarantee the certificate you will receive is worth the paper it is printed on. At best, you can frame it and hang it on your wall.

What you will get, if that much, is a paper that states that you have completed an online medical assistant course. “Good luck with that!” Landing a qualified medical assistant position with that and applying for “real” certification with the AAMA or AMT, will be difficult, if not next to impossible. Also, keep in mind that some US states now mandate certification in certain medical specialties and procedures, such as in phlebotomy, X-ray, EKG, and IV therapy, and hence, achieving any sort of advanced training and promotions to build your career path further will suddenly be out of the question unless you hold a valid diploma, credentials, or degree.

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  1. That could also also mean their school was placed on probation because too many students weren’t taking the test or failed their tests.

    2013 Concorde Career Institute honors grad
    Orthopedics assistant

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