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BLS National Wage Statistics

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported medical assistants to earn $19.62 per hour, or $40,810 per year in 2011. National statistics for medical assistant wages show that 90% of working medical assistants in the USA were earning an hourly wage of nearly $20. Of course, now that some years have passed since the publishing of these figures, the estimates are the low end and in the meantime have changed in favor of the employee. READ MORE

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Mature Workforce (Age 45+)

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Too old to start your Medical Assistant career?

“I am 45 years old, going on 46 and am wondering whether that’s too old to start a medical assistant career. When I visited our local community college for orientation I noticed most students are somewhere in their mid-twenties. That and going back to school makes me a little nervous.” READ MORE